Road Movies
John Adams / Michel Lysight

Road Movies

Duo Gemini

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Formed in 2001, the Duo Gemini has been standing out thanks to the commitment and the generosity of their playing. From classic to contemporary they breath their personality in every approached work. 

Road Movies, by John Adams, is one of his few chamber works. In the present three pieces for violin and piano, Adams conjures unabashedly melodic writing and asks for the piano part to be played in a swing style, requiring extreme virtuosity from both a technical and a rhythmical standpoint. Spiegel im Spiegel was composed by Arvo pärt in 1978. Its apparent simplicity is deceptive, as it is constructed with uncompromising rigour. Fratres structure is based on the principle of variations on a harmonic progression, presented at the outset in the violin’s highly virtuosic bariolage prelude. Together with his Passacaglia, these pieces come across as a kind of brief inner voyage. Gemini Sonata was written in 2011 especially for the Duo Gemini by the Belgian composer Michel Lysight. The work’s obsessive, breathless and implacable character is immediately striking, drawing the listener into an inexorable process – a kind of extended race into the abyss. This is a sonata of suspense! 


  • 1
    Road Movies
    I. Relaxed Groove
  • 2
    Road Movies
    II. Contemplative
  • 3
    Road Movies
    III. 40% Swing
  • 4
  • 5
    Spiegel im Spiegel
  • 6
    Gemini Sonata
    I. Allegro
  • 7
    Gemini Sonata
    II. Andante
  • 8
    Gemini Sonata
    III. Allegro
  • 9