Cantata 'L'abbe Agathon'

Bologna Cello Project / Orchestra da Camera delle Marche / Roberto Molinelli

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The original score bears the dedication ‘pour Barbara Hendricks et l’Octuor de Violoncellos de Beauvais’.

The protagonist of the narration is the Abbé Agathon, one of the “desert fathers”, a congregation of hermits living around the 4th century A.D, noted for their solitary lives and inspired by the teachings of The Gospel. They left numerous writings as a testimony for later generations of their ascetic conduct. Amongst these teachings is the legend of Agathon meeting the leper from which Pärt took his text for this Cantata.

The full libretto of the Cantata is included in the booklet.

Saint Saëns’ Oratorio de Noël is an eloquent example of a stylistic purity. Composed in 1858, following a commission, it is written for mixed choir, five solo voices, string orchestra, harp and organ. The text, in Latin, is taken from the Bible and from the Catholic liturgy.