Jef Penders / Hardy Mertens / Ferrer Ferrán / Oscar Navarro


Banda de Lalin / Bram Sniekers

WWM 500154 - 8713604001541

Information GreatBrittain Germany

The musicians of the Windband of Lalín with their conductor Bram Sniekers have realized an excellent version from my composition “Pinocho”. An atractive performance, well treated, with feeling for detail and musical sentiment. Many thanks for this recording, which is a reference for conductors, maestros and all the people who love music. Ferrer Ferrán, July 2009
The band has won several prices during important contests, such as Pontevedra (2x) and Altea. Due to the concerts in South America and performances leaded by famous conductors and composers, the band is well-known in Spain and abroad.

  • 1
    I. Pinocho, Geppetto and the Cricket that speaks.
  • 2
    II. The beautiful Girl of the Hairs Turquoise.
  • 3
    III. The Mount of the Miracles.
  • 4
    IV. The Country of the Toys. The Shark. Already a Boy
  • 5
    El Arca de Noé
  • 6
    Xenia Sarda
  • 7
    La Primitiva