Rutter: Requiem & other choral works
John Rutter

Rutter: Requiem & other choral works

Polyphony / Bournemouth Sinfonietta

CDA 30017 - 0034571300177

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John Rutter composed his Requiem in 1985. The work follows the precedents of Brahms and Fauré in using carefully selected texts in place of much of the standard Missa Pro defunctis sequence. The resulting composition has an arch-like formal structure within which is contained some of Rutter's most haunting (and, in the case of The Lord is my shepherd, well known) choral music to date.
Also included are two items from the Birthday Madrigals collection composed in honour of the jazz pianist George Shearing, and eight further sacred works. The double-choir Hymn to the Creator of Light is a wonderful composition, far removed from the romantic style with which Rutter has sometimes been associated; the work here receives its first recording. The Lord bless you and keep you makes a most felicitous ending to the programme—one of those tunes that just will not leave your head.

  • 1
    Requiem aeternam
  • 2
    Out of the deep
  • 3
    Pie Jesu
  • 4
  • 5
    Agnus Dei
  • 6
    The Lord is my shepherd
  • 7
    Lux aeterna
  • 8
    Hymn to the Creator of Light Glory be to thee, O Lord, glory be to thee
  • 9
    God be in my head
  • 10
    A Gaelic blessing Deep peace of the running wave to you
  • 11
  • 12
    Open thou mine eyes
  • 13
    A prayer of Saint Patrick Christ be with me, Christ within me
  • 14
    A choral fanfare Blow up the trumpet in the new moon
  • 15
    Birthday madrigals
    Draw on, sweet night
  • 16
    Birthday madrigals
    My true love hath my heart
  • 17
    he Lord bless you and keep you