From Russia with strings
Anton Arensky / Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

From Russia with strings

St. Petersburg Camerata

IGC 102 - 0807297206425

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Launch of the St. Petersburg Classics series. All of these recordings were being made in the late 90s by Mazur Media in coproduction with Sony Classical, however, with a few exceptions, were never released. Technically these productions were far ahead of their time. For Sony it was a prestigious object to demonstrate the best recording technology possible at that time. Therefore all these recordings were being produced in 24 bit /96 hz High Definition Technology, which is still the ultimate of technical feasibility. By means of special High- Performance filters the masters were converted into the common CD standard 16 bit /44,1 hz almost without loss. The result is even today convincing by brilliant sound and incredible transparency, which projects the purity of the instruments as well as the acoustical background in the most natural way.

With the exception of the Serenade for string orchestra this compilation presents rarely performed works by Tchaikovsky and a real "resurrective" piece of repertoire: Arensky's Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky. Exceptional compilation for enthusiasts of string orchestras. The compilation allows a perfect view into the creative workshop of Tchaikovsky. Detailled explanations on this can be found in the booklet. Arensky, a student of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, chose the fifth song from Tchaikovsky's Songs for children as theme for his variations. Initially it was concepted as slow movement of his second string quartet, but was arranged for string orchestra at a later date by Arensky himself.

Saulius Sondeckis is a graduate of the Musical College in Vilnius, where he studied violin. As his teacher was a pupil of David Oistrakh, Sondeckis himself might be called a "musical grandson" of the famous Russian violinist. From 1963, he continued his education, studying conducting and sitting in on, amongst others, courses with Igor Markevich at the Moscow Conservatory. Sondeckis has appeared as guest conductor with many distinguished European orchestras and sits on the jury of many a major international competitions. Since 1989 he has concentrated on building up the St. Petersburg Camerata, which under his tutelage has gained a quite sensational reputation within a remarkably short time. 

Start der St. Petersburg Classics Reihe mit klanglich brillanten und musikalisch hochkarätigen Einspielungen.

Sämtiche dieser Aufnahmen wurden in den späten 90er Jahren von Mazur Media in Koproduktion mit Sony Classical produziert, gelangten jedoch bis auf wenige Ausnahmen nie zur Veröffentlichung.
Technisch waren diese Produktionen damals bereits ihrer Zeit weit voraus. So sind alle Aufnahmen in  24 bit / 96 hz High Definition  Technologie entstanden, was auch heute noch zum Nonplusultra des technisch Machbaren gehört. Mit Hilfe spezieller Hochleistungsfilter wurden die Master ins das gängige CD- Standardformat 16 bit / 44,1 hz nahezu verlustfrei übertragen. Das Ergebnis überzeugt auch heute noch nach wie vor durch klangliche Brillianz und unerhörte Durchsichtigkeit, die die Feinheit der Instrumente und akustischen Gegebenheiten der   Aufnahmeräume naturgetreu abbilden.
Die einzigartige Zusammenstellung für Liebhaber von Streichorchestern enthält Mit Ausnahme der Streicherserenade selten gespielte Werke von Tschaikowski sowie ein echtes Repertoire-Fundstück: Arenskys Variationen über ein Thema  von Tschaikowski