Ravel: La Valse, Ma mère l
Maurice Ravel

Ravel: La Valse, Ma mère l'Oye,Tzigane, Boléro,..

Nikolic, Gordan: violin, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra

TACET 207 - 4009850020745

Information GreatBrittain Germany

"In Ravel's Magic Garden" *
Now, finally, after the much-lauded Beethoven symphonies with the Polish Chamber Philharmonic under
Wojciech Rajski, here is the first recording of a large orchestra in TACET Real Surround Sound. The larger the
ensemble, the more complex the score is, as well as the harmonies contained within it. Is it actually possible to
enable the listener to experience, by means of a recording, all the innumerable, refined details and the virtually
infinite ideas of instrumentation in the orchestral music of Maurice Ravel? It is only possible for certain if such a
sensitive and subtle conductor as Carlo Rizzi directs a top orchestra of the caliber of the Netherlands
Philharmonic Orchestra. And even then, it is a demanding but incredibly appealing task. We'll let you be the
judge as to how well they have succeeded.
A customer described his experience so far with the multi-channel concept TACET Real Surround Sound as
"With the Real Surround Sound, you add a dimension that creates a presence - opening up a new way of listening
and a new, previously unknown but highly appreciated way of experiencing the music played. It offers the listener
not only greater pleasure, but also deeper insight and a significantly closer relationship to the score."