Viennese Concertos
Edvard Grieg / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Viennese Concertos

Vienna Symphony Orchestra

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An ode to chamber music
Since 2009 the Vienna Concertino has been bringing together the elite of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra
and reducing it to its purest form, a form closely tied to ancient Viennese musical tradition. The first such
ensemble consisted of a string group in a 6-4-3-3-1 lineup accompanied by varying wind sections, and this
simple group of musicians, formed so as to elevate chamber music to a previously unrealised level, quickly
became synonymous with performances of the highest calibre. Their prowess and resultant popularity will
allow the Vienna Concertino chamber orchestra to connect talented young musicians to the preservation of
high culture. The ensemble is developing purposefully and with considerable ambition, and by demonstrating
the application of acquired craft and artistic expression, it can smooth the career paths of future musical