Belcanto & Verdi Recordings 1956-1962
Giuseppe Verdi

Belcanto & Verdi Recordings 1956-1962


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The effect of his voice on the listener has been described with countless superlatives and metaphors.
"Thrilling" probably sums it up best in a single word. Corelli's trump cards were his broad,
full middle range and a ringing high range with amazing projecting power, rich in overtones and
with impressive top notes.
The British critic John Steane put it very succinctly: "It is an appetite - in some cases a thirst,
even a craving for a voice. This is not a "brainy" thing, not an expressive system or a stylistic
exercise. It has to do with a voice´s individual timbre, its resonances and vibrancy - the sheer
sound. Two songs a day will do - but those you MUST have."