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Maria Radutu

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Maria Radutu became one of the prodigies in her home country in Romania. She developed her solid musical and pianistic
skills under the tutelage of Stefan Vladar and Stefan Arnold at the Vienna University of Music. In much demand as a soloist,
Radutu has given recitals all over the world. She won numerous international awards. The highlights of her career include her
solo debut at Musikverein, Vienna with Rachmaninoff´s Second Piano Concerto, Mozarts´s Concerto in A minor (KV 414) at the
Salle Gaveau, Paris and her guest performance at the Auditorio Nacional, Madrid playing the Burlesque by Richard Strauss.
Her chamber music concerts have taken her from major concert halls in Vienna to China, where together with Lang Lang and
Dominik Hellsberg she took part in the opening festivities of the Mozart Year. Her versatility has lead to several collaborations
as a guest pianist with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
The young Romanian pianist Maria Radutu places Joujoux - Toys, a delicate piano suite by her compatriot Mihail Jora at the
center of her first recording - a musical journey through various European locales and styles. In Joujoux Jora quotes five of his
contemporaries (Ravel, Strawinsky, Prokofiev, Debussy and Bartok). Combining musical charm with skillful composition, he
creates a very special and personal sound atmosphere.