Mozart:  Serenade in B flat Major KV 361
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart: Serenade in B flat Major KV 361

Stuttgart Winds

TACET 02095 - 4009850020950

Information GreatBrittain Germany

Blu-ray on TACET means: use like a simple CD player.

Enjoy either stereo or 5.1 in fine resolution as desired, switch over with a simple push of the button. Both recordings are already familiar on CD. The critically acclaimed Gran Partita by W. A. Mozart, performed by the fabulous Stuttgart Winds, now beguiles the listener in TACET Real Surround Sound as well, and the complete edition of the same kind of all of Joseph Haydn's String Quartets is finally marching towards its completion with rapid steps.

There is no other catalogue of recordings in ambitious, genuine Surround Sound comparable with TACET, especially not in the classical field.