Handel & his English Contemporaries
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Handel & his English Contemporaries

Robert Woolley

REGCD 382 - 0802561038221

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Played on the 1766 Thomas Parker organ in the church of St Mary and St Nicholas, Leatherhead. This instrument was reconstructed from orginal casework and pipework by the organ builders, Goetze & Gwynn, in 2007, and is a very rare example of organs from this period in England. This is the first recording of this delightful eighteenth-century instrument.

Robert Woolley is one of Europe's leading performers and teachers of the harpsichord, and other early keyboard instruments. He studied at the Royal College of Music ,where he is now Professor of Harpsichord and Clavichord, and was Director of the Early Music Department and Adviser for Early Music from 1985-2006.

He is well known as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral player on the harpsichord, organ and fortepiano; his solo recordings include discs of music by Tallis, Byrd, Gibbons, Frescobaldi, Weckmann, Bohm, Handel, J S Bach, Scarlatti, Seixas and J C Bach for EMI, Virgin, Archiv, Hyperion and Chandos.

Robert Wooley ist einer der führenden Instrumentalisten und Lehrer im Bereich früher Tastenisntrumente. Neben seiner Position am Royal College of Music ist er besonders als Solist, Kammermusiker und Orchestermusiker am Cembalo, Klavier und der Orgel bekannt. Seine Solo-Aufnahmen widmen sich Werken von Tallis, Byrd, Gibbons, Bach, Scarlatti oder Frescobaldi. In dieser außergewöhnlichen Aufnahme spielt er die Thomas Parker-Orgel in der St. Mary und St. Nicholas-Kirche in Leatherhead; sie stammt aus dem Jahre 1766 - eines der wenigen Instrumente aus dieser Zeit in England - und gibt den Werken ein ganz besonderes Flair.

  • 1
    Overture to Ottone, HWV 15
  • 2
    Jesu, meine Freude, HWV 480
  • 3
    Air in B flat, HWV 469
  • 4
    Fugue in G minor, HWV 605
  • 5
    Fugue in B flat, HWV 607
  • 6
    [Verse] in F (Fitzwilliam, MS 260)
  • 7
    Air in F major from the Water Music, HWV 348
  • 8
    Fantasie in C, HWV 490
  • 9
    Fugue in A minor, HWV 609
  • 10
    Voluntary on a Flight of Angels, HWV 600
  • 11
    Voluntary X in A minor
  • 12
    Voluntary VI in E minor
  • 13
    Voluntary VII in G major
  • 14
    Voluntary V in D majo
  • 15
    Voluntary II in G major
  • 16
    Voluntary VII in D major
  • 17
    Voluntary in G minor
  • 18
    A Voluntary for the Trumpet Stop
  • 19
    Voluntary in G major
  • 20
    Voluntary VII in E flat
  • 21
    Voluntary XIX in C minor
  • 22
    Voluntary in A minor