Complete Organ Works
Josef Gabriel von Rheinberger

Complete Organ Works

Rudolf Innig

MDG 3171864 - 0760623186429

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Mission Accomplished
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger’s organ works are now for the first time complete on twelve CDs, and with this magnificent project the concert organist Rudolf Innig has rendered priceless service to German romantic organ music. Along with the major sonatas, numerous previously undiscovered treasures have been brought to light, for it was particularly in small forms that Rheinberger did great things.

Rudolf Innig performs on the Walcker organ in St. Mary’s Church in Schramberg from the 1830s to the organ by the Kuhn Company in St. Anthony’s Parish Church in Zurich from 1914, the edition offers an overview of an extremely exciting epoch in Central European organ design rather precisely corresponding to the Liechtenstein composer’s creative years – a must for all organ fans!

Critically Acclaimed
“Rudolf Innig is an ideal interpreter ... the Rheinberger edition by MDG is one of the most significant major editorial projects in the field of organ music during the past decades” (

".....masterfully played by Rudolf Innig. Throughout the series this accomplished musician took his listeners to the 6 great historical organs. The journey is now complete and organ aficionados should not hesitate to invest in this monumental series.” (
“Rudolf Innig est en train de graver la plus belle intégrale Rheinberger à ce jour.“ (Diapason)
„Las lecturas de Rudolf Innig resultan incisivas en lo estructural y muy musicales.“ (Scherzo)