Joseph Haydn

Auryn's Haydn - op. 20 Joseph Haydn String Quartets · Vol. 5 of 14 op. 20, nos. 1 - 6

Auryn Quartet

TACET 01875 - 4009850018759

Information GreatBrittain Germany

Disc 35 out of 36.  Blu-ray (total playing time 154'00) 

Yes indeed, Tacet has arrived at the next-to-last disc of this mammoth project: 22 CDs, 6 DVD audios and 8 Blu-ray discs. But it's still too early to celebrate! The 6 Quartets from Op. 20 of Joseph Haydn are amongst the most beautiful examples of their genre. What richness of invention! What compositional art! Three of the quartets end with a furious fugue. And what serenity and maturity the Auryn Quartet offers us, together with gripping interpretations! It is a true joy to listen to this combination of the moods of a master composer together with interpretative brilliance in a sonic image that only TACET Real Surround Sound delivers.

Also available in high-resolution stereo.