Laudes Organi - Missa Brevis
Zoltán Kodály

Laudes Organi - Missa Brevis

Edgar Krapp / Netherlands Chamber Choir

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The Netherlands Chamber Choir was founded in 1937 by the now legendary conductor and pianist Felix de Nobel. Composers such as Francis Poulenc, Hendrik Andriessen, Henk Badings and Rudolf Escher wrote works for the Netherlands Chamber Choir. In 1965 the Dutch government decided to cover the payment of the singers completely. This enabled the Netherlands Chamber Choir to occupy a unique place among the professional choirs in Europe without any firm bond to an opera house or a broadcasting corporation.

The Netherlands Chamber Choir applies itself fitrst of all to the repertory for a cappella chorus. The repertory of the Netherlands Chamber Choir spans almost the whole of Western music, ranging from the early Middle Ages to contemporary music. Uwe Gronostay bas been the artistic director and principal conductor from 1988 to 1998. 

Edgar Krapp was born in Bamberg in 1947; he studied organ with Franz Lehrndorfer in Munich and with Marie-Claire Alain in Paris. On winning first prize in the Munich ARD-Wettbewerb, he quickly profiled himself, while playing in Europe, America and Japan, as a musician who combines virtuosity with a decided feeling for style and musical individuality. His repertoire spans music from the early Baroque to the present day. He has co-operated in many recordings for CDs, radio and television; for three of them he received the Deutsche Schallplattenpreis and the Grand Prix du Disque. Edgar Krapp has been leader of the organ class at the Frankfurter Musikhochschule since 1974, as successor to Helmut Walcha.

  • 1
    Laudes Organi, for Chorus and Organ
  • 2
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: I. Introitus
  • 3
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: II. Kyrie
  • 4
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: III. Gloria
  • 5
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: IV. Credo
  • 6
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: V. Sanctus
  • 7
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: VI. Benedictus
  • 8
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: VII. Agnus Dei
  • 9
    Missa Brevis, for Chorus and Organ: VIII. Ite Missa Est